Ancient Roman Philosophers

The Young Cicero Reading.

The Young Cicero Reading.
La lecture de jeune Cicéron.
La lectura de Cicerón Young.
Der junge Cicero Lesen.
Юний Цицерон читає.
Юный Цицерон читает.



Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius.
Marco Aurelio.
Марк Аврелій.
Марк Аврелий.



Peter Paul Rubens, Seneca.

Peter Paul Rubens, Seneca.
Peter Paul Rubens, Sénèque.
Пітер Пауль Рубенс, Сенека.
Питер Пауль Рубенс, Сенека.

Titus Lucretius Carus.

Titus Lucretius Carus.
Tito Lucrecio Caro.
Тит Лукрецій Кар.
Тит Лукреций Кар.

The Death of Seneca - Jacques-Louis David.

The Death of Seneca – Jacques-Louis David.
La mort de Sénèque – Jacques-Louis David.
La muerte de Séneca – Jacques-Louis David.
Der Tod des Seneca – Jacques-Louis David.
Смерть Сенеки – Жак Луї Давид.
Смерть Сенеки – Жак Луи Давид.

Raphael - "School of Athens" - Plotinus.

Raphael – “School of Athens” –
Raphael – «L’école d’Athènes” –
Raphael – “Escuela de Atenas” –
Raphael – “Schule von Athen” –
Рафаель – “Афінська школа” – Плотін.
Рафаэль – “Афинская школа” –

Severin Boethius.

Severin Boethius.
Severin Boèce.
Severin Boecio.
Северин Боецій.
Северин Боэций.



  1. Luann Bloodworth says:

    These are really good visuals that can be used in our classrooms to show students that documents are not always something written. The students sometimes don’t understand that a picture can be considered a document when they are writing the DBQ. Thank you for posting this great resource on the AP World History teacher facebook page.

    • Thanks a lot, dear Luann, for your very thoughtful comment!
      You are welcome to suggest your ideas what materials are especially needed for you and your colleagues. Feel free to contact me wright here or via facebook.
      Editor of History Posts
      Igor Solomadin.

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